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On Wednesday 15 June, the South Korean state-owned enterprise Korea Offshore Wind Power (KOWP) and Wind Minds, a business owned by Pondera Consult from Hengelo and Mecal from Enschede, signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding their cooperation in developing one of the first offshore wind projects in South Korea. The agreement was signed at the Wind Minds stand during the Wind Days 2016 at the WTC in Rotterdam.

MoU KOWP Wind Minds 15 juni 2016








Initial contact was established during a state visit by the King and Queen of the Netherlands to South Korea in early September 2014. At that time the Dutch Minister Kamp (Economic Affairs) was present as well. Negotiations lead to this MoU to start the cooperation between the two companies. The CEO of the KOWP, Mr Lee, signed the MoU with his counterpart from Wind minds, Mr. Rijntalder. Minister Kamp witnessed the signing ceremony during the Dutch Wind Days and congratulated both companies.

The project

Project:                                       Southwest Offshore Wind Project

Developed by:                           Korea Offshore Wind Power (KOWP, a                                                      state-owned company)

Test phase:                                 60 MW

Project demonstration:           400 MW realised in 2022

Total final output:                    2,500 MW

The project is located in the Yellow Sea to the south west of Seoul.


KOWP and Wind Minds intend to cooperate in developing an offshore wind project in South Korea. KOWP wishes to take advantage of Wind Minds’ experience and Dutch expertise in their efforts to develop one of the very first offshore projects in their home country of South Korea. This collaboration will involve the areas of project management, research, engineering and assistance with logistical matters.

Wind Minds anticipates this cooperation to result in many additional opportunities for Dutch businesses participating in research.

Contact: Hans Rijntalder, h.rijntalder@windminds.com, +31 (0)62 223 94 87